It is our company policy to ensure that all its operations minimise any adverse impact on the environment. More specifically, all Sidergas employees and are required to:

Health and Safety

Sidergas continuously and actively works to provide its employees with a safe, healthy and hygienic workplace in strict compliance with the guidelines below listed:

Labour practise

Sidergas is strongly committed and morally obliged to respect the human rights of its workers and treat its employees with dignity and respect. Specifically adhering to the following requirements on labour practices:


Sidergas is seriously committed to always act with integrity while conducting its business activity:


Sidergas is committed, in addition to meeting the provisions of this code, to comply with all national laws and regulations. Should there be differences between the content of this code and national laws, the Sidergas employees, representatives, suppliers and customers must adhere to the more stringent requirements. Conflicts between the provision of this Code and national laws or other applicable standards will be evaluated by the Sidergas management in cooperation with its suppliers and customers. Employees and representatives, suppliers and customers must be able to document their compliance, and if any conflicts are detected, the Sidergas Management must be informed immediately.
Sidergas believes that building long-term relationships with its suppliers and its customers is crucial for a long term successful business. We value honest and open communication with customers and suppliers and believe that transparency is vital to a successful business relationship. In the event of non-compliance, we require our suppliers or customers to be committed and engaged in remedying the non-compliance issues within the time schedule set out in the corrective action plan. Sidergas seeks to continuously improve together with our customers and suppliers and help them achieve compliance with the provisions of this Code, while reserving the right to terminate any agreements or refusing any orders should a supplier or a customer decide that compliance with therequirements of the Code is impossible to obtain or the supplier or customers show repeated disregard for the Code. Sidergas will periodically review the adequacy and continuing effectiveness of this Code of Conduct.